GUMANJI , Home to Babies, Toddlers and Kids!!

GUMANJI is a unique indoor play park for your young ones from the cradle up to ten years of age. We provide play, fun and party facilities in a safe and secure indoor environment.    

GUMANJI has a soft play baby section where child minders take care of the very little ones while developing their gross and fine motor skills.

It also has a massive jungle gym where the bigger ones can climb and play their hearts out in a protected environment with slides, a trampoline and various tunnels. GUMANJI Town has houses, streets, a supermarket and a scooter track where your kids can ride without e-tags or the metro police!

We also offer three private party venues with complete facilities and services for up to fifteen children or a combined party for forty five children. We provide the perfect party venue and to enhance the fun can decorate the venue in the theme of your choice.

We offer a haven where your children can enjoy themselves in a safe educational environment while you as parents can relax and enjoy some delights from the food bar with the knowledge that your children are in the very best hands.

ABOUT GUMANJI indoor play park


Relax while your baby, toddlers and kids enjoy safe, secure and creative fun with us !!

Dedicated Baby Section

• Child minding by trained child minders
• A big soft play area with colorful fun equipment for child stimulation and the development of gross and fine motor skills.

Jungle Gym

• 100m2 Jungle gym with climbing, jumping and sliding facilities in a protected and injury free environment 
   with well-trained child minders providing assistance where needed.

Scooter Drives

• 30 m scooter track 
• Plastic fall-safe scooters provided that challenge motor skills 
• Town with houses, streets, a supermarket and 
even a beauty salon to say the least.

Rock Climbing Wall

4.8m wall with harness protected by an experianced guide

great for fine motor skill development

Party venues

• Three private venues for children's parties
• We provide refreshments and theme decor of your choice
• Three-hour long parties, 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 17:00 
• 6 days a week including Public holidays
• Minimum 8 children per party or a combined space for up to 45 children